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Robert Urich
Birthday: December 9, 1905

Birth Place: Montrose, Colorado, USA
Height: 0' 0"

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One of the most prolific and ubiquitous television actors of the latter 20th century in addition to his service as a tireless spokesperson for the disease that was eventually the cause of his untimely demise, Robert Urich was once referred to as the "Teflon Television Man" for his uncanny ability to appear unscathed from the ambitious small-screen failures in which he frequently appeared. His presence in over 15 weekly television series during his 30-year career made him a household name, and his brave struggle against a rare and devastating form of soft-tissue cancer known as Synovial Cell Sarcoma instilled inspiration into countless cancer patients waging a seemingly never-ending uphill battle. Born in Toronto, OH, on December 19, 1946, Urich's youthful athleticism earned him a four-year scholarship to the Florida State University, where he would excel as a defensive lineman and graduated with a B.A. in communications. After next earning an M.A. in broadcast research and management from Michigan State University, Urich settled in Chicago and worked briefly as a radio sales agent and a meteorologist. A fateful late evening while working as a sales account representative at WGN Radio found Urich asked to perform in a Jewish bond drive, with the role sparking an epiphany that he had finally found his true calling. Continuing to develop his skills on community theater stages, the blossoming actor spent the following 18 months performing at the Windy City's Ivanhoe, Arlington Park, and Pheasant Run theaters. A blessing in disguise followed shortly thereafter when executives found out about his moonlighting and fired him from the station, freeing him to pursue his life's calling full-time. Aided in his early career by friend Burt Reynolds, it wasn't long before Urich was spotted by an agent and relocating to Los Angeles to make his television debut in the television series Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1973). Landing a small role in the Clint Eastwood film Magnum Force the same year, Urich's career continued to gain momentum with roles in such popular small-screen series as Soap, S.W.A.T., and alongside Tom Selleck in Bunco. Propelled to stardom with his role in the made-for-television film Vega$ (1978) and the subsequent series of the same name that followed, Urich would also appear infrequently in film, though his true calling remained on the small screen, where his presence spanned nearly every genre and format. The early '80s found him landing increasingly frequent roles in television, and after gaining fame as a detective in Spenser for Hire in 1985 and appearing in such films as Ice Pirates (1984) and Turk 182! (1985), Urich was the recipient of a Cable Ace Award for his seven-year stint as host of National Geographic Explorer. Frequently returning to his Spencer persona for made-for-television movies following the show's cancellation, the busy star would also continue to shine in such popular television efforts as Lonesome Dove (1989) and as host to such special event programs as A Musical Christmas at Walt Disney World (1993) and Alien Encounters From New Tomorrowland (1995). It was during the filming of the small-screen Western series The Lazarus Man (1996) that tragedy struck, and Urich's discovery of a mysterious lump proved the beginning of the end for the handsome and rugged actor who to this point had seemed indestructible. Having received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame the year before, Urich's career seemed to be going stronger than ever; unfortunately his body was entering the early stages Synovial Cell Sarcoma. During an intensive eight-month cycle of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy, Urich spoke open and honestly about his cancer, and the production of The Lazarus Man was shut down. Urich would later charge that show's producers with a breach-of-contract suit in which he claimed that he was able to perform under the specifications of the contract that both parties had signed, and following a settlement the resilient actor returned to television in 1997 in the ABC medical anthology Vital Signs. Teaming with his wife, Heather Menzies, to establish the Robert and Heather Urich Fund for Sarcoma research at the University of Michigan, the actor continued to appear upbeat in public appearances, during which he spoke of his treatment and condition in efforts to instill hope in others going through similar hardships. Seemingly as busy as ever as his cancer went into remission in the following years, Urich came back strong with numerous roles including The Love Boat: The Next Wave (1998) and Emril (2001). It was also during this time that Urich would also become the spokesperson for the American Cancer Society. In early 2002 the cancer that Urich had struggled so bravely to overcome sadly returned with a vengeance. Unfortunately there was little that could be done to combat the brutally aggressive cancer this time around, and in April of that year, Urich succumbed to its ravaging effects. Passing on the eve of his final television appearance in Night of the Wolf, Urich continued to serve as an inspirational figure even after his painful demise, his bravery giving strength to millions who had bore witness to his struggle. Although the enduring actor, who had admitted to frequent feelings of invincibility, would return to the small screen no more, the fund he created ensured that future generations would not face their dark endeavors without the benefit of extensive medical research and care.

Movie Credits
Always (1989)
[ Steven Spielberg ][ John Goodman ][ Richard Dreyfuss ][ John Williams ][ Dale Dye ]
Roman Holiday (1987)
[ Ed Begley Jr. ]
Ishi: The Last of His Tribe (1978)
[ Dennis Weaver ]
Papillon (1973)
[ Dustin Hoffman ][ Steve McQueen ][ Richard Farnsworth ][ Bill Mumy ]
Executive Action (1973)
[ Burt Lancaster ][ Robert Ryan ]
F.T.A. (1972)
Johnny Got His Gun (1971)
[ Donald Sutherland ][ Jason Robards ][ David Soul ][ Timothy Bottoms ]
The Horsemen (1971)
[ Omar Sharif ][ Jack Palance ]
The Fixer (1968)
[ Ian Holm ][ David Warner ][ Alan Bates ]
Hawaii (1966)
[ Gene Hackman ][ Richard Harris ][ Divine ][ Max von Sydow ][ Carroll O'Connor ]
Silahlar patlayinca (1966)
The Sandpiper (1965)
[ Charles Bronson ][ Peter O'Toole ][ Richard Burton ]
Lonely Are the Brave (1962)
[ Kirk Douglas ][ Walter Matthau ][ George Kennedy ][ Bill Bixby ][ Carroll O'Connor ]
The Last Sunset (1961)
[ Kirk Douglas ][ Rock Hudson ][ Joseph Cotten ][ Jack Elam ]
Spartacus (1960)
[ Stanley Kubrick ][ Kirk Douglas ][ Laurence Olivier ][ Tony Curtis ][ Peter Ustinov ]
Exodus (1960)
[ Paul Newman ][ Sal Mineo ][ Lee J. Cobb ][ John Derek ][ George Maharis ]
Career (1959)
[ Dean Martin ]
Terror in a Texas Town (1958)
[ Sterling Hayden ]
Cowboy (1958)
[ Jack Lemmon ][ Glenn Ford ][ Dick York ][ Strother Martin ]
The Green-Eyed Blonde (1957)
The Deerslayer (1957)
[ Lex Barker ]
The Brothers Rico (1957)
The Brave One (1957)
The Boss (1956)
The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955)
[ Gary Cooper ][ Rod Steiger ][ Peter Graves ][ Darren McGavin ][ Ralph Bellamy ]
Mannequins für Rio (1954)
[ Raymond Burr ]
Carnival Story (1954)
[ George Nader ]
Roman Holiday (1953)
[ Gregory Peck ][ Edward Albert ][ Eddie Albert ]
He Ran All the Way (1951)
The Prowler (1951)
[ George Nader ]
Rocketship X-M (1950)
Emergency Wedding (1950)
Deadly Is the Female (1949)
[ Russ Tamblyn ]
The Gangster (1947)
[ Harry Morgan ]
Our Vines Have Tender Grapes (1945)
Jealousy (1945)
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (1944)
[ Robert Mitchum ][ Spencer Tracy ][ Van Johnson ]
Tender Comrade (1943)
[ Robert Ryan ]
A Guy Named Joe (1943)
[ Spencer Tracy ][ Lionel Barrymore ][ Ward Bond ][ Van Johnson ]
I Married a Witch (1942)
The Remarkable Andrew (1942)
[ William Holden ]
You Belong to Me (1941)
[ Henry Fonda ]
Accent on Love (1941)
Half a Sinner (1940)
The Lone Wolf Strikes (1940)
Kitty Foyle: The Natural History of a Woman (1940)
We Who Are Young (1940)
A Bill of Divorcement (1940)
[ Maureen O'Hara ]
Curtain Call (1940)
Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence (1939)
[ Glenn Ford ][ Ward Bond ]
Career (1939)
Five Came Back (1939)
The Kid from Kokomo (1939)
[ Ward Bond ]
Sorority House (1939)
The Flying Irishman (1939)
A Man to Remember (1938)
Fugitives for a Night (1938)
[ Ward Bond ]
Paradise for Three (1938)
Everybody Sing (1938)
Thoroughbreds Don't Cry (1937)
[ Mickey Rooney ]
That Man's Here Again (1937)
The Devil's Playground (1937)
[ Ward Bond ][ Richard Dix ]
Love Begins at Twenty (1936)
Road Gang (1936)
Tugboat Princess (1936)


  • Blacklisted in 1950s; one of the Hollywood Ten.
  • Father of Nikola Trumbo and Christopher Trumbo.
  • Dalton Trumbo is portrayed in the off-Broadway play Trumbo, written by son Christopher Trumbo and adapted from Dalton Trumbo's letters. While at New York's Westside Theatre/Downstairs, Dalton Trumbo has been played by Nathan Lane, Eddie Izzard, Chris Cooper and F. Murray Abraham, among others.
  • Writer-producer James Kevin McGuinness, a right-winger who was a friendly witness before the House Un-American Activities Committee, testified that left-wing screenwriters did not inject propaganda into their movie scripts during World War II. "[The movie industry] profited from reverse lend-lease because during the [war] the Communist and Communist-inclined writers in the motion picture industry were given leave of absence to be patriotic. During that time...under my general supervision Dalton Trumbo wrote two magnificent patriotic scripts, 'A Guy Named Joe' and 'Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo'"...."
  • Was a member of Delta Tau Delta International Fraternity.
  • Was finally honored with an Oscar for the screenplay of the 1954 screenplay winner Roman Holiday (1953) in 1993, 16 years after his death. Unable to use his own name due to the blacklist, Trumbo used "fronts" during the 1950s, the years in which, ironically, he wrote his best scripts. For "Roman Holiday", Trumbo used his friend Ian McLellan Hunter as a front. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (which had supported the black list) awarded Trumbo a belated Oscar for his other blacklist-era Academy Award winner, The Brave One (1957), in 1975, while he was still alive.
  • His screenplay for The Brave One (1957) won the Oscar for Best Writing, Motion Picture Story in 1958. The screenplay had been written as "Robert Rich", who was not at the Academy Award ceremony and turned out not to be a member of the Screen Writers Guild. It turned out that Rich was a nephew of the producers of the film, who denied the rumors that the screenplay actually had been written by a blacklisted screenwriter. After Otto Preminger and Kirk Douglas broke the blacklist in 1959 by hiring Trumbo, it was revealed that the screenplay actually have been written by him. Trumbo received his Oscar on May 2, 1975, shortly before his death, but the official screen credit was not changed until many years later.

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