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Klaus Kinski
Birthday: October 18, 1926

Birth Place: Zoppot, Danzig/Gdansk [now Sopot, Poland]
Height: 5' 8"

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Klaus Kinski. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@actorsofhollywood.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



Though he invariably looked sickly and tubercular, Polish/German actor Klaus Kinski rose to fame in roles calling for near-manic aggressiveness. His war career consisted primarily of a year and a half in a British POW camp. After this experience, Kinski took to the theater, where he rapidly built a reputation for on-stage brilliance and off-stage emotional instability. He made his first German film, Morituri, in 1948; three years later, he made his English-language movie debut with a fleeting bit in Decision Before Dawn (1951). Villainy was Kinski's film stock in trade during the 1950s and '60s, with several appearances in Germany's Edgar Wallace second-feature series and in such Italian spaghetti Westerns as For a Few Dollars More (1965). International stardom came Kinski's way via his off-the-beam appearances in the films of director Werner Herzog, notably Aguirre, the Wrath of God (1973), Woyzeck (1978), Nosferatu (1979), and Fitzcarraldo (1982). With 1989's Paganini, Kinski proved to be as colorful and chaotic a director as he was an actor. Kinski was the father of actress Nastassja Kinski, though the two seldom saw each other and were never close. He died in 1991.

Movie Credits
Kinski Paganini (1989)
Nosferatu a Venezia (1988)
[ Christopher Plummer ][ Donald Pleasence ]
Cobra Verde (1987)
[ Werner Herzog ]
Timestalkers (1987)
[ John Ratzenberger ][ James Avery ][ William Devane ][ Danny Pintauro ][ Tracey Walter ]
Crawlspace (1986)
Caballero del dragón, El (1985)
[ Harvey Keitel ]
Kommando Leopard (1985)
Creature (1985)
Revenge of the Stolen Stars (1985)
Code Name: Wild Geese (1984)
[ Ernest Borgnine ][ Lee Van Cleef ]
The Little Drummer Girl (1984)
[ Bill Nighy ][ David Suchet ][ Boy George ][ Moti Shirin ]
The Secret Diary of Sigmund Freud (1984)
[ Bud Cort ][ Dick Shawn ]
Love and Money (1982)
[ Armand Assante ][ Terry Jastrow ]
Android (1982)
The Soldier (1982)
[ Jeffrey Jones ][ Joaquim de Almeida ]
Fitzcarraldo (1982)
[ Werner Herzog ]
Buddy Buddy (1981)
[ Jack Lemmon ][ Walter Matthau ][ Billy Wilder ][ Ed Begley Jr. ][ Dana Elcar ]
Venom (1981)
[ Oliver Reed ][ Sterling Hayden ][ Tobe Hooper ][ Michael Gough ]
Fruits de la passion, Les (1981)
Schizoid (1980)
[ Christopher Lloyd ][ Craig Wasson ]
Femme enfant, La (1980)
Haine (1980)
Woyzeck (1979)
[ Werner Herzog ]
Zoo zéro (1979)
Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979)
[ Werner Herzog ][ Bruno Ganz ]
Chanson de Roland, La (1978)
Mort d'un pourri (1977)
[ Alain Delon ]
Madame Claude (1977)
Mivtsa Yonatan (1977)
Nuit d'or (1976)
Jack the Ripper (1976)
[ Jesus Franco ]
Netz, Das (1975)
[ Mel Ferrer ]
Genio, due compari, un pollo, Un (1975)
[ Patrick McGoohan ][ Terence Hill ]
Ritorno di Shanghai Joe, Il (1975)
Important c'est d'aimer, L' (1975)
[ Fabio Testi ]
Orme, Le (1975)
Amanti del mostro, Le (1974)
Mano che nutre la morte, La (1974)
Chi ha rubato il tesoro dello scia? (1974)
Lifespan (1974)
Morte ha sorriso all'assassino, La (1973)
Rivelazioni di uno psichiatra sul mondo perverso del sesso (1973)
Mano spietata della legge, La (1973)
Eroi all'inferno (1973)
Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (1972)
[ Werner Herzog ]
Ritorno di Clint il solitario, Il (1972)
Mio nome è Shanghai Joe, Il (1972)
Black Killer (1971)
Venditore di morte, Il (1971)
Nella stretta morsa del ragno (1971)
Vendetta è un piatto che si serve freddo, La (1971)
Prega il morto e ammazza il vivo (1971)
Bestia uccide a sangue freddo, La (1971)
Lo chiamavano King (1971)
Per una bara piena di dollari (1971)
Occhio del ragno, L' (1971)
[ Van Johnson ]
Giù la testa... hombre (1971)
Mir hat es immer Spaß gemacht (1970)
Belva, La (1970)
Leopardi di Churchill, I (1970)
Appuntamento col disonore (1970)
[ George Sanders ]
Peau de torpedo, La (1970)
Count Dracula (1970)
[ Christopher Lee ][ Herbert Lom ][ Jesus Franco ]
E Dio disse a Caino (1970)
Paroxismus (1969)
[ Jesus Franco ]
Dito nella piaga, Il (1969)
Legge dei gangsters, La (1969)
A doppia faccia (1969)
Se incontri Sartana prega per la tua morte (1969)
Dos veces Judas (1969)
Marquis de Sade: Justine (1969)
[ Jack Palance ][ Jesus Franco ]
Cinque per l'inferno (1969)
Sono Sartana, il vostro becchino (1969)
[ Frank Wolff ]
Mister Zehn Prozent - Miezen und Moneten (1968)
Grande silenzio, Il (1968)
Bastardi, I (1968)
A qualsiasi prezzo (1968)
Uomo, l'orgoglio, la vendetta, L' (1968)
[ Franco Nero ]
Ognuno per se (1968)
Coplan sauve sa peau (1968)
Ad ogni costo (1967)
Five Golden Dragons (1967)
[ Christopher Lee ]
The Million Eyes of Sumuru (1967)
[ George Nader ]
Blaue Hand, Die (1967)
Chuncho, quién sabe?, El (1967)
Geheimnis der gelben Mönche, Das (1966)
Our Man in Marrakesh (1966)
[ Tony Randall ][ Herbert Lom ]
Carnaval des barbouzes, Le (1966)
[ Lex Barker ]
Circus of Fear (1966)
[ Christopher Lee ]
Doctor Zhivago (1965)
[ Alec Guinness ][ Omar Sharif ][ Rod Steiger ][ Tom Courtenay ]
Per qualche dollaro in più (1965)
[ Clint Eastwood ][ Lee Van Cleef ]
The Pleasure Girls (1965)
[ Ian McShane ]
Estambul 65 (1965)
The Dirty Game (1965)
[ Henry Fonda ][ Robert Ryan ]
Neues vom Hexer (1965)
Verrätertor, Das (1964)
Geheimnis der chinesischen Nelke, Das (1964)
Winnetou - 2. Teil (1964)
[ Terence Hill ][ Lex Barker ]
Gruft mit dem Rätselschloß, Die (1964)
Wartezimmer zum Jenseits (1964)
Letzte Ritt nach Santa Cruz, Der (1964)
Piccadilly null Uhr zwölf (1963)
Geheimnis der schwarzen Witwe, Das (1963)
Kali Yug, la dea della vendetta (1963)
[ Lex Barker ]
Scotland Yard jagt Dr. Mabuse (1963)
Indische Tuch, Das (1963)
Schwarze Abt, Der (1963)
Schwarze Kobra, Die (1963)
Zinker, Der (1963)
Mondvögel, Die (1963)
Tür mit den 7 Schlössern, Die (1962)
Rote Rausch, Der (1962)
The Counterfeit Traitor (1962)
[ William Holden ]
Rätsel der roten Orchidee, Das (1962)
[ Christopher Lee ]
Gasthaus an der Themse, Das (1962)
Seltsame Gräfin, Die (1961)
Kurve, Die (1961)
Bankraub in der Rue Latour (1961)
Geheimnis der gelben Narzissen, Das (1961)
[ Christopher Lee ]
Toten Augen von London, Die (1961)
Rächer, Der (1960)
A Time to Love and a Time to Die (1958)
[ Keenan Wynn ]
Waldwinter (1956)
Geliebte Corinna (1956)
Um Thron und Liebe (1955)
Hanussen (1955)
Kinder, Mütter und ein General (1955)
[ Maximilian Schell ]
Ludwig II. (1955)
Paura, La (1954)
Decision Before Dawn (1951)
Morituri (1948)


  • Father, with Ruth Tocki, of Nastassja Kinski.
  • Father of actress Pola Kinski.
  • Father of Nikolai Kinski.
  • Klaus Kinski's autobiography was originally released under the title "All I Need Is Love", but was withdrawn in 1989 due to a contract dispute: an Italian publisher claimed Kinski had agreed to write an autobiography for them, and sued the publishers. It was reissued in 1997 under the title "Uncut", adding material that had been excluded from the first version of the book.
  • For a brief time he lived in an apartment in Munich which he shared with several other people. One of the children living there was thirteen-year-old Werner Herzog. They later collaborated in five movies: Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes (1972), Woyzeck (1979), Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht (1979), Fitzcarraldo (1982) and Cobra Verde (1987).
  • Grandchildren: Aljosha, Sonja and Kenia
  • His countenance and screen persona gave his film career a boost in the 1960s when he was cast in a number of German productions based upon the thrillers of Edgar Wallace.
  • Uncle of actress Lara Naszinsky.
  • Son of Bruno Nakszynski, a Polish-German pharmacist, and his wife Susanne Lutze, daughter of a German pastor from Danzig.
  • Only his son Nikolai Kinski attended his funeral in California, where his ashes were strewn in the Pacific Ocean (1991).
  • Turned down the role of a German villain in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), although he wanted to do a movie with Steven Spielberg movie, but thought "the script is as moronically shitty as so many other flicks of its ilk."
  • His provocative TV appearance on "Je später der Abend ..." (1973) became legendary because he didn't answer a single question during an interview of and called the host 'Reinhard Münchenhagen' "Herr Münchhausen" (1977).

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