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George Burns
Birthday: December 31, 1969

Birth Place: New York, New York, USA
Height: 5' 7"

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American comedian George Burns had a taste for show business from his youth on New York's Lower East Side, and by the time he was seven he and his buddies had formed a singing group called the Pee Wee Quartet. Amateur shows led to small-time vaudeville, where Burns faced rejection time and again, often gaining jobs from people who had fired him earlier through the simple expedient of constantly changing his professional name. Usually working as part of a song-and-snappy-patter team, he was in the process of breaking up with his latest partner Billy Lorraine in 1922 when he met a pretty young singer/dancer named Gracie Allen. The game plan for this new team was to have Gracie play the "straight man" and George the comic, but so ingenuous and lightheaded was Gracie's delivery that the audience laughed at her questions and not at George's answers. Burns realized he'd have to reverse the roles and become the straight man for the act to succeed, and within a few years Burns and Allen was one of the hottest acts in vaudeville, with George writing the material and Gracie garnering the laughs. George and Gracie married in 1926; thereafter the team worked on stage, in radio, in movies (first in a series of one-reel comedies, then making their feature debut in 1932's The Big Broadcast) and ultimately in television, seldom failing to bring down the house with their basic "dizzy lady, long-suffering man" routine. Though the public at large believed that Gracie had all the talent, show business insiders knew that the act would have been nothing without George's brilliant comic input; indeed, George was often referred to by his peers as "The Comedian's Comedian". Gracie decided to retire in 1958, after which George went out on his own in television and in nightclubs, to less than spectacular success. After Gracie's death in 1964, George concentrated on television production (he had vested interests in several series, among them Mr. Ed) and for a nervous few years tried using other comic actresses in the "Gracie" role for his club appearances. But it wasn't the same; George Burns would be first to admit there was only one Gracie Allen. Though he never retired, Burns was more or less out of the consciousness of moviegoers until he was hired at the last minute to replace his late friend Jack Benny in the film version of Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys (1975). His performance as a cantankerous old vaudeville comic won him an Oscar, and launched a whole new career for the octogenarian entertainer as a solo movie star. Perhaps his most conspicuous achievement in the late 1970s was his portrayal of the Almighty Spirit - with distinct Palace Theatre undertones - in Oh, God! (1977). Even after reaching his centennial year, Burns remained as sharp-witted as ever. Less than three months after his 100th birthday Burns passed away. But fans can take comfort because Burns has gone beyond the realm of Show Business Legend; he is practically an immortal.

Movie Credits
Radioland Murders (1994)
[ George Lucas ][ Christopher Lloyd ][ Joey Lawrence ][ Joseph Lawrence ][ Michael McKean ]
18 Again! (1988)
[ Pauly Shore ][ Red Buttons ][ Charlie Schlatter ]
Oh, God! You Devil (1984)
[ James Cromwell ][ Robert Picardo ][ Ron Silver ]
Grandpa, Will You Run with Me? (1983)
[ Jack Albertson ][ Erik Estrada ]
Two of a Kind (1982)
[ Robby Benson ][ Cliff Robertson ]
Oh, God! Book II (1980)
Going in Style (1979)
[ Lee Strasberg ][ Mark Margolis ]
Just You and Me, Kid (1979)
[ Christopher Knight ][ William Russ ][ Ray Bolger ]
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1978)
[ Steve Martin ][ John Lennon ][ Keith Carradine ][ Donald Pleasence ][ Paul McCartney ]
Oh, God! (1977)
[ David Ogden Stiers ][ Paul Sorvino ][ William Daniels ][ Donald Pleasence ][ Carl Reiner ]
The Sunshine Boys (1975)
[ Walter Matthau ][ F. Murray Abraham ][ Ron Rifkin ][ Howard Hesseman ]
The Mad, Mad, Mad Comedians (1970)
[ Groucho Marx ]
Carnival Nights (1968)
[ Bob Hope ]
All About People (1967)
[ Charlton Heston ][ Henry Fonda ][ Burt Lancaster ]
The Solid Gold Cadillac (1956)
Free Trip to Hawaii (1952)
Divorce Attorney (1952)
Surprise Birthday Party (1951)
The Beverly Hills Uplift Society (1951)
Honolulu (1939)
College Swing (1938)
[ Bob Hope ]
A Damsel in Distress (1937)
[ Fred Astaire ]
College Holiday (1936)
The Big Broadcast of 1937 (1936)
[ Ray Milland ]
The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935)
[ Bing Crosby ]
Here Comes Cookie (1935)
Love in Bloom (1935)
Many Happy Returns (1934)
[ Ray Milland ]
We're Not Dressing (1934)
[ Bing Crosby ][ Ray Milland ]
Six of a Kind (1934)
International House (1933)
[ Bela Lugosi ]
Let's Dance (1933)
College Humor (1933)
[ Bing Crosby ]
The Big Broadcast (1932)
[ Bing Crosby ]
The Babbling Book (1932)
Walking the Baby (1932)
Your Hat (1932)
100% Service (1931)
Once Over, Light (1931)
The Antique Shop (1931)
Pulling a Bone (1931)
Fit to Be Tied (1931)
Lambchops (1929)


  • As a child, he attended P.S. 22 and left after the fourth grade due to economic reasons.
  • Interred along with his wife Gracie Allen at Forest Lawn (Glendale), Glendale, California, USA, in the Freedom Mausoleum, Sanctuary of Heritage.
  • Father of actor Ronnie Burns.
  • Uncle of Lou Weiss, chairman emeritus of William Morris Agency, who got his mail-room start in agency business with help of 'Uncle Nate'.
  • Was a regular on the "Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts." He was even a guest of honor in 1978.
  • "The Burns & Allen Show" (on CBS and NBC from 1934 to 1950) was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1994.
  • At the time of his Oscar win, he was the oldest recipient of an Oscar. He was 80 when he won the 1976 Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for The Sunshine Boys (1975). This record was surpassed by Jessica Tandy in 1990.
  • Best friends with fellow comedian Jack Benny, who also served as best man at his and Gracie's wedding. George loved playing jokes on Benny--almost as much as watching him laugh (and pound the floor) afterwards.
  • Actually wore a hairpiece for most of his performing career; appears briefly without it in The Sunshine Boys (1975).
  • George and Gracie continued to play single, even years after they were married; declining ratings prompted George to "update" the act on-air. He said later, "We were the only couple on radio who got married because we had to."
  • Took the name "Burns" from the Burns Brothers Coal Company, whose trucks he'd stolen lumps from growing up, to help heat the family home. "George" was a sobriquet his brother occasionally used.
  • Until his death he smoked as many as ten cigars a day.
  • Biography in: "Who's Who in Comedy" by Ronald L. Smith. Pg. 78-80. New York: Facts on File, 1992. ISBN 0816023387
  • His first marriage was in name only.In the early 1920s, George was doing a ballroom dancing act with Hannah Siegal, and they were offered a 36-week contract to go out on the road. When her dad objected to her traveling with a young man outside the bonds of matrimony, George and Hannah got married so as not to turn down the offer. When they returned from their three-month engagement, they divorced.
  • In the beginning of their partnership, Gracie played the straight character and George had the funny lines. When George realized Gracie got more laughs, he switched their roles.
  • Daughter, Sandra, adopted 1934, son, Ronnie, adopted 1935.
  • Discovered Ann-Margret and made her his opening act in Las Vegas.
  • He was in very fragile health and could not attend his 100th birthday celebration in person.
  • Biography in: "American National Biography". Supplement 1, pp. 82-84. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.
  • Was originally supposed to deliver the eulogy at the funeral of his best friend, Jack Benny, but he was so overcome with emotion after trying that he let someone else do it.
  • In the movie 18 Again! (1988) George Burns' character celebrates his 81st birthday though he was already 92 years old!
  • In the early 1940s, during the height of their popularity, George Burns had a brief extra-marital affair. He apologized to Gracie by giving her a new coffee table, and nothing more was said about it. However, years later, when Gracie was serving coffee to a friend in their living room, George overheard her say, "You know, I wish George would have another affair. I really need a new coffee table."
  • Was very good friends with Arthur "Harpo" Marx.

Naked Photos of George Burns are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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