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Gary Burghoff
Birthday: May 24, 1940

Birth Place: Bristol, Connecticut, USA
Height: 5' 5"

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American actor Gary Burghoff was the son of a Connecticut clockworks executive and a professional dancer. Under the aegis of his mother (the dancer), Burghoff studied tap dancing from age 5; he also trained himself to be a professional drummer, despite the fact that he'd been born with three deformed fingers on his left hand. Turning to acting, Burghoff found that his high piping voice and his 5'6" frame consigned him to child and teenager roles - which became a blessing when he was cast in the title role of the off-broadway musical You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown in 1967. Director Robert Altman cast Burghoff as Cpl. "Radar" O'Reilly in his antiwar comedy M*A*S*H (1970); the name Radar was derived from the character's uncanny ability to anticipate what people were going to say and to sense when the "choppers" were bringing incoming wounded into the "Mobile Army Surgical Hospital" of the film's acronymic title. When M*A*S*H was converted into a TV situation comedy in 1972, Burghoff was the only member of the original movie cast to be signed for the series (It was not his first TV stint; he'd been a regular on 1970's Don Knotts Show). The actor played company clerk Radar from 1972 through 1979, winning an Emmy in the process and endearing himself to millions of fans. Not all his costars found Burghoff as lovable as Radar; he could be somewhat bullheaded on the set, especially when he felt that others weren't working to their fullest capacity. Except for occasional guest-star appearances - including an inevitable spot on Murder She Wrote, that settlement house of former sitcom stars - Burghoff hasn't worked much since M*A*S*H. This inactivity was by choice, in that Burghoff preferred to devote his time to his numerous pro-ecology and Animal Rights causes. In the late 1980s, Gary Burghoff was reunited with several of his M*A*S*H costars in a series of elaborately produced IBM television commercials.

Movie Credits
Behind the Waterfall (1995)
Small Kill (1992)
W*A*L*T*E*R (1984)
[ Noble Willingham ]
Yours Truly, Max Klinger (1984)
Casino (1980)
[ Robert Loggia ][ Joseph Cotten ][ Robert Reed ][ Aaron Spelling ][ Barry Van Dyke ]
The Man in the Santa Claus Suit (1979)
[ Fred Astaire ][ Harold Gould ]
Good-Bye Radar: Part 1 (1979)
Too Many Cooks (1979)
The Party (1979)
A Night at Rosie's (1979)
Superstar/Salem (1978)
[ Leslie Nielsen ]
The Captain's Captain/A Dog's Life/Romance Roulette (1977)
Love and the Crisis Line/Love and the Happy Family/Love and the Vertical Romance (1973)
B.S. I Love You (1971)
MASH (1970)
[ Robert Duvall ][ Donald Sutherland ][ Robert Altman ][ Elliott Gould ][ Tom Skerritt ]


  • Was a drummer who headed a jazz trio, The We Three, and was an award-winning songwriter. Studied acting with James Tuttle and musical comedy with Charles Nelson Reilly.
  • Has a deformed left hand that he takes great pains to hide during the run of M*A*S*H on TV. Usually hidden behind his clipboard.
  • His character 'Radar' on "M*A*S*H*", who showed a fondness for the care of animals, was actually inspired from Gary's true love for wildlife. He once worked for the Animal Rehabilitation Clinic in Southern California where he nurtured and cared for many species of birds such as the brown pelican, and many other animals including opossums, grey squirrels, raccoons and abandoned creatures needing special attention.
  • Was licensed by the State of California to care for wounded animals.
  • Is a renowned painter of Wildlife Art.
  • Starting in 1997, Gary had to refuse a lot of his fan-mail due to his address being published on the internet, as he would state in a stamped message on fan's return envelopes.
  • Launched a chain of ice cream/frozen yogurt stores in Hawaii in the late 1970s, which had limited success.
  • He attended the "Hollywood Collectors & Celebrities Show", at Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn, in North Hollywood, California.
  • Originated the role of Charlie Brown in the off-Broadway musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown".
  • Holds several patents on fishing lures.
  • Was the first "M*A*S*H" actor to be cast for the TV series
  • Has one daughter: Gena and two sons: Miles and Jordan
  • Along with G. Wood and Timothy Brown, he is one of only three actors to appear in both the original 'MASH' movie and the subsequent spin-off series.
  • Big Bird from Sesame Street's teddy bear, Radar, was named after Gary's MASH character. Gary gave it to Big Bird as a gift after visiting the Sesame Street set in the 70s.
  • Played Walter 'Radar' O'Reilly in four different Mash productions: the feature movie MASH (1970), regular in television series "M*A*S*H" (1972), guest star appearance on "After MASH" (1983), and the television pilot W*A*L*T*E*R (1984) (TV).

Naked Photos of Gary Burghoff are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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