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Fritz Lang
Birthday: December 31, 1969

Birth Place: Vienna, Austria-Hungary [now Austria]
Height: 0' 0"

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Fritz Lang. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@actorsofhollywood.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



Fritz Lang was born in Vienna in 1890. His father managed a construction company. His mother, Pauline Schlesinger, was Jewish but converted to Catholicism when Lang was ten. After high school he enrolled briefly at the Technische Hochschule Wien, then started to train as a painter. From 1910 to 1914 he traveled in Europe and, he would later claim, also in Asia and North Africa. He studied painting in Paris in 1913-14. At the start of the First World War he returned to Vienna, enlisting in the army in January 1915. Severely injured in June 1916, he wrote some scenarios for films while convalescing. In early 1918 he was sent home shell-shocked and acted briefly in Viennese theater before accepting a job as a writer at Erich Pommer's production company in Berlin, Decla. In Berlin, Lang worked briefly as a writer and then as a director, at Ufa and then for Nero-Film, owned by the American Seymour Nebenzahl. In 1920 he began a relationship with actress and writer Thea von Harbou (1889-1954), who wrote with him the scripts for his most celebrated films, Dr. Mabuse der Spieler, Die Nibelungen, Metropolis, and M (credited to von Harbou alone). They married in 1922 and divorced in 1933. In that year. Goebbels offered to Lang to assume the German Cinema Institute (which was accepted by Leni Riefenstahl later). Lang did not accept (he did not agree with Nazi ideology and he was temerary since his mother was a Catholic converted) and left Berlin for Paris, smuggling out large amounts of money. After about a year in Paris, Lang moved to the United States in mid-1934. He was initially under contract to MGM. Over the next twenty years he directed numerous American films. In the 1950s, because the film industry was in economic decline and because he had acquired a reputation for being difficult, Lang found it increasingly hard to get work. At the end of the 1950s Lang made his last three films, in German, which were not well received. In 1964, nearly blind, he was president of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival. As a director Lang had a reputation for being abusive to actors. He collected primitive art and habitually wore a monocle. From about 1931 to his death in 1976, while dating other women, he was close to Lily Latté, who helped him in many ways.

Movie Credits
Tausend Augen des Dr. Mabuse, Die (1960)
Indische Grabmal, Das (1959)
Tiger von Eschnapur, Der (1959)
Journey to the Lost City (1959)
Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (1956)
[ Dana Andrews ]
While the City Sleeps (1956)
[ Vincent Price ][ George Sanders ][ Dana Andrews ]
Moonfleet (1955)
[ George Sanders ][ Jack Elam ]
Human Desire (1954)
[ Glenn Ford ]
The Big Heat (1953)
[ Lee Marvin ][ Glenn Ford ][ Johnny Crawford ]
The Blue Gardenia (1953)
[ Raymond Burr ][ George Reeves ]
Clash by Night (1952)
[ Robert Ryan ][ Keith Andes ]
Rancho Notorious (1952)
[ George Reeves ][ Jack Elam ][ Mel Ferrer ][ William Frawley ]
American Guerrilla in the Philippines (1950)
[ Tyrone Power ][ Jack Elam ]
House by the River (1950)
Secret Beyond the Door... (1948)
Cloak and Dagger (1946)
[ Gary Cooper ][ Lex Barker ]
Scarlet Street (1945)
The Woman in the Window (1945)
[ Robert Blake ]
Ministry of Fear (1944)
[ Ray Milland ]
Hangmen Also Die (1943)
[ Walter Brennan ]
Moontide (1942)
[ Claude Rains ]
Confirm or Deny (1941)
[ Roddy McDowall ][ Don Ameche ]
Man Hunt (1941)
[ Roddy McDowall ][ George Sanders ]
Western Union (1941)
[ Randolph Scott ]
The Return of Frank James (1940)
[ Henry Fonda ][ Jackie Cooper ]
You and Me (1938)
You Only Live Once (1937)
[ Henry Fonda ][ Ward Bond ]
Fury (1936)
[ Spencer Tracy ][ Walter Brennan ]
Liliom (1934)
Testament des Dr. Mabuse, Das (1933)
Testament du Dr. Mabuse, Le (1933)
M (1931)
[ Peter Lorre ]
Frau im Mond (1929)
Spione (1928)
Metropolis (1927)
[ Freddie Mercury ]
Nibelungen: Kriemhilds Rache, Die (1924)
Nibelungen: Siegfried, Die (1924)
Dr. Mabuse, der Spieler - Ein Bild der Zeit (1922)
Müde Tod, Der (1921)
Vier um die Frau (1921)
Spinnen, 2. Teil - Das Brillantenschiff, Die (1920)
Wandernde Bild, Das (1920)
Harakiri (1919)
Spinnen, 1. Teil - Der Goldene See, Die (1919)
Herr der Liebe, Der (1919)
Halbblut (1919)


  • Dorothy Parker once remarked, in reference to Lang's wife's "campaigning" for his career, "There's a man who got where he is by the sweat of his Frau."
  • On March 25, 1933, two days after Testament des Dr. Mabuse, Das (1932) was banned, Lang was summoned to the Nazi Ministry of Propaganda to meet with Joseph Goebbels himself. Goebbels explained the reason for the ban (when the Nazi party slogans are fed into the mouth of the villain at the film's conclusion) and apologised to Lang. He then shocked Lang by offering him the position of production supervisor at the UFA studios, where his first film would be a biography of William Tell. Lang suspected a trap and attempted to throw off Goebbels by telling him, "My mother had Jewish parents," to which Goebbels responded, "We'll decide who's Jewish!" Lang then expressed interest in the position and said he needed some time to think it over. That very evening, he boarded a train to Paris, leaving behing most of his money and personal possessions behind, along with his wife, Thea von Harbou, who divorced him later that year and went on to write and direct films for the Nazi propaganda machine.
  • Interred at Forest Lawn (Hollywood Hills), Los Angeles, California, USA, in the Enduring Faith section, just to the right of plot #3818, two in from the curb.
  • Before his death in 1976, he planned to make a film about the hippie culture.
  • As a soldier in the Austrian army during World War I, Lang fought in Russia and Romania, where he was wounded three times.
  • Both in Germany and the United States, he was one of the most personally disliked directors around, a fact that hurt him at times in Hollywood because some actresses and actors would refuse to work with him.
  • Was voted the 30th Greatest Director of all time by Entertainment Weekly.
  • Biography in: John Wakeman, editor. "World Film Directors, Volume One, 1890- 1945". Pages 609-624. New York: The H.W. Wilson Company, 1987.
  • His first wife, Lisa Rosenthal, committed suicide by shooting herself in the chest.
  • President of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in 1964
  • An animated version of Lang appeared in the Japanese animated movie "Full Metal Alchemist: Conquerors of Shamballa". Originally mistaken by Edward Elric as being one of the Homonculi from his own world, this Fritz Lang aided Edward in his quest to return home. He was voiced by Hidekatsu Shibata.

Naked Photos of Fritz Lang are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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