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Frank Sutton
Birthday: October 23, 1923

Birth Place: Clarksville, Tennessee, USA
Height: 0' 0"

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As a brash and bruising tough guy with wide, flaring nostrils and slightly porcine features, you would have thought that anyone who had the guts to go nose-to-nose against this crew cut-wearing badger had better be one tough order. Nope. Far from it. Actor Frank Sutton's most feared, ulcer-inducing on-camera nemesis would be none other than one of TV's gentlest souls ever--Mayberry's own lovable Gomer Pyle. As the antagonistic, in-your-face Sgt. Vince Carter, whose outer bluster occasionally revealed a softer inner core, the 41-year-old Sutton finally found himself front and center co-starring in one of sitcom's more successful spin-off series "Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C." (1964). Fans of the show really took to the volatile character with the hilarious slow burn whose plans to transfer Pyle out of his unit failed each week. The gimmick worked for five seasons. Off-stage, Jim Nabors, who starred as Pyle, and Sutton shared a mutual respect for each other. After the show's demise, in fact, Sutton went on to become a part of Jim's roster of regulars on "The Jim Nabors Hour" (1969), a variety show that had a very short run. Frank Spencer Sutton was born in Clarksville, Tennessee. Although some sources list the year of his birth as 1922, his grave marker indicates 1923. An only child, both his parents had jobs working for the local newspaper. When he was eight, the family moved to Nashville, his father dying some time later of an intestinal ailment. Belonging to the drama club and appearing in high school plays, he majored in Dramatic Arts at Columbia University and graduated cum laude. Gaining experience on the local stages, he eventually found a job as a radio announcer. Following WWII military service, he returned to acting and in the 1950s segued into TV, appearing on a couple of the more popular children's adventure series -- "Captain Video" and "Tom Corbett, Space Cadet." Based in New York, Sutton also found work on the soaps "The Edge of Night" and "The Secret Storm." His imposing mug was quite suitable for playing both good guys and bad guys and he proved a reliable fixture in rugged surroundings. With work on such series as "Gunsmoke," "Maverick," "The Fugitive," "Combat" and "The Untouchables," he could be counted on to play everything from a crass, outspoken blue-collar buddy to a menacing henchman. Film appearances were sporadic with only a few secondary roles offered. His best chances were in Four Boys and a Gun (1957), Town Without Pity (1961) and The Satan Bug (1965). In the early 1970s, after the success of "Gomer Pyle," Sutton was seen in TV guest spots while performing in small-scale stock plays all over the U.S. His stage work would include comedic roles in "The Odd Couple," "Anything Goes" and "No Hard Feelings." In fact, he died suddenly of a heart attack on June 28, 1974, while in rehearsals for a show at a Louisiana dinner theater. The 50-year-old actor was survived by his wife of 25 years, daytime soap writer Toby Igler, and children Joseph and Amanda. He was buried in his home town.

Movie Credits
Hurricane (1974)
[ Larry Hagman ][ Patrick Duffy ]
Ernie, Madge and Artie (1974)
[ Dick Van Patten ]
Love and the Caller/Love and the Secret Life/Love and the Swinging Philosophy/Love and the Woman in White (1972)
[ Austin Pendleton ][ Art Metrano ]
Love and the Advice Column/Love and the Bathtub/Love and the Fullback/Love and the Guru/Love and the Physical (1972)
[ Max Baer Jr. ][ Herb Edelman ]
Love and the College Professor/Love and the Eyewitness/Love and the Lady Barber/Love and the Plumber (1971)
Love and the Decision/Love and the Haunted House (1970)
The Satan Bug (1965)
[ James Doohan ][ Dana Andrews ][ Harold Gould ][ George Maharis ]
Guest in the Barracks (1964)
[ Jim Nabors ]
The Speculator (1963)
The Contract (1962)
The Stryker Brothers (1962)
Catawomper (1962)
Town Without Pity (1961)
[ Kirk Douglas ][ Robert Blake ]
Miss Kitty (1961)
The Legend of Jim Riva (1961)
Four Sweet Corners (1959)
[ George Maharis ]
Sound of Violence (1959)
And a Merry Christmas to the Force on Patrol (1958)
Four Boys and a Gun (1957)
Marty (1955)
[ Ernest Borgnine ]
Flight to Freedom (1951)
[ Werner Klemperer ]


  • Started acting in Nashville, TN and was a radio announcer during World War II.
  • Graduated cum laude from Columbia University in dramatic arts.
  • Was a Black Belt in Judo
  • While serving in the U.S. Army in WWII, he distinguished himself by taking part in 14 assault landings, including Leyte, Luzon, Bataan and Corregidor.
  • In an interesting turnaround, the actor whose best known role was playing a Marine sergeant, could not pass the Marine Corps. physical during WWII and ended up serving in the Army.

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