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Dominic Chianese
Birthday: February 24, 1931

Birth Place: Bronx, New York City, New York, USA
Height: 5' 1"

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After decades of honing his acting skills on stage and screen, and eventually carving out a niche for himself as a "gangster," Dominic Chianese came upon his most widely recognized role as Uncle Junior on the hit HBO mob series The Sopranos, beginning in 1999. Born in 1931, in Bronx, NY, Chianese attended Brooklyn College, and began appearing on-stage in 1952. He would appear on and off-Broadway in theater for over 45 years before his famous role on The Sopranos, adding film and television to his repertoire along the way.After his first film role in 1972, as a panhandler in a drama called Fuzz, he embarked on what would become the trademark of his career with his first gangster role, as Johnny Ola in Coppola's The Godfather Pt. II (1974), the classic, starring Al Pacino. Chianese also appeared in All the President's Men in 1976, and would work with Pacino again in the 1979 thriller ...And Justice for All.Throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, Chianese had numerous roles of all kinds from major feature films to stage to made-for-TV movies. He was featured in Fort Apache, the Bronx in 1981, and had a small role in Pacino's Looking for Richard in 1996. In 1999, HBO debuted its mobster series The Sopranos, starring James Gandolfini, and Chianese's long-term experience acting in all kinds of mob-related roles finally paid off with his part as Corrado "Uncle Junior" Soprano. The series earned incredible success, and in 2001, Chianese was nominated for an Emmy Award for outstanding supporting actor in a drama series for his role on the program. In 2002, he was featured in Adrian Lyne's drama Unfaithful, starring Diane Lane, Richard Gere, and Olivier Martinez.

Movie Credits
1/9 (2007)
[ William Baldwin ][ Victor Rasuk ]
Cold Stones (2006)
[ James Gandolfini ][ Michael Imperioli ][ Steve Van Zandt ][ Robert Iler ]
The Ride (2006)
[ James Gandolfini ][ Michael Imperioli ][ Steve Van Zandt ][ Robert Iler ]
Johnny Cakes (2006)
[ James Gandolfini ][ Michael Imperioli ][ Steve Van Zandt ][ Robert Iler ]
Live Free or Die (2006)
[ Michael Rapaport ][ Aaron Stanford ][ Max Casella ][ Judah Friedlander ]
The Last New Yorker (2006)
[ Josh Hamilton ]
Crimes of Fashion (2004)
King of the Corner (2004)
[ Eli Wallach ][ Peter Riegert ][ Harris Yulin ][ Eric Bogosian ][ Jake Hoffman ]
When Will I Be Loved (2004)
Unfaithful (2002)
[ Richard Gere ][ Olivier Martinez ][ Erik Per Sullivan ][ Chad Lowe ][ Michael Emerson ]
Under Hellgate Bridge (2000)
[ Vincent Pastore ][ Frank Vincent ][ Jonathan LaPaglia ]
Cradle Will Rock (1999)
[ John Cusack ][ Jack Black ][ Bill Murray ][ Tim Robbins ][ Cary Elwes ]
Went to Coney Island on a Mission from God... Be Back by Five (1998)
[ Jon Cryer ][ Frank Whaley ][ Wilson Jermaine Heredia ]
Night Falls on Manhattan (1997)
[ Ian Holm ][ Andy Garcia ][ James Gandolfini ][ Richard Dreyfuss ][ Sidney Lumet ]
The Mouse (1996)
[ Rip Torn ][ John Savage ]
Gotti (1996)
[ Anthony Quinn ][ Armand Assante ][ Vincent Pastore ][ Frank Vincent ][ Scott Cohen ]
Love Is All There Is (1996)
[ Paul Sorvino ][ Abe Vigoda ][ Dick Van Patten ][ Joseph Bologna ]
If Lucy Fell (1996)
[ Ben Stiller ][ Robert John Burke ][ Eric Schaeffer ]
Purple Heart (1995)
[ Chris Noth ]
The Night We Never Met (1993)
[ Matthew Broderick ][ Michael Imperioli ][ Bill Campbell ][ Garry Shandling ][ Lewis Black ]
Rivalen des Glücks - The Contenders (1993)
[ Jon Polito ][ Zach Grenier ]
The Public Eye (1992)
[ Joe Pesci ][ Stanley Tucci ][ Richard Schiff ][ Jared Harris ][ Bob Gunton ]
The Godfather Trilogy: 1901-1980 (1992)
[ Robert De Niro ][ Al Pacino ][ Marlon Brando ][ Robert Duvall ][ Francis Ford Coppola ]
Out for Justice (1991)
[ Steven Seagal ][ John Leguizamo ][ Jerry Orbach ][ Kane Hodder ][ Raymond Cruz ]
Sonata for Solo Organ (1991)
[ George Dzundza ][ Zach Grenier ]
The Lost Capone (1990)
[ Eric Roberts ][ Adrian Pasdar ]
Q & A (1990)
[ Nick Nolte ][ Timothy Hutton ][ Armand Assante ][ Sidney Lumet ][ Charles S. Dutton ]
Second Sight (1989)
[ Bronson Pinchot ][ John Larroquette ][ James Tolkan ][ Stuart Pankin ]
Fort Apache the Bronx (1981)
[ Paul Newman ][ Paul Gleason ][ Danny Aiello ]
A Time for Miracles (1980)
[ Lorne Greene ][ Everett McGill ]
Firepower (1979)
[ Eli Wallach ][ O.J. Simpson ][ Victor Mature ][ Billy Barty ]
...And Justice for All (1979)
[ Al Pacino ][ Craig T Nelson ][ Craig T. Nelson ][ Jeffrey Tambor ][ Jack Warden ]
On the Yard (1978)
[ James Remar ][ John Heard ][ Lane Smith ]
Fingers (1978)
[ Harvey Keitel ][ Danny Aiello ][ Jim Brown ]
All the President's Men (1976)
[ Dustin Hoffman ][ Robert Redford ][ F. Murray Abraham ][ Jason Robards ][ Ned Beatty ]
Dog Day Afternoon (1975)
[ Al Pacino ][ Lance Henriksen ][ Chris Sarandon ][ John Cazale ][ Sidney Lumet ]
The Godfather: Part II (1974)
[ Robert De Niro ][ Al Pacino ][ Robert Duvall ][ Francis Ford Coppola ][ James Caan ]
Fuzz (1972)
[ Burt Reynolds ][ Yul Brynner ][ Tom Skerritt ][ Brian Doyle-Murray ][ Charles Martin Smith ]


  • Dominic got his start as a musical-comedy performer. He still performs as a cabaret singer performing standards, ballads, and Italian folk songs.
  • Graduated from the prestigious Bronx High School of Science.
  • Last name (Chianese) pronounced Kin-ay-see.
  • Italian-American.
  • Once sang "A Fool Such as I" at the Grand Ole Opry.
  • Chianese has the distinction of being the only actor to appear in the greatest mobster movie series (as Johnny Ola in Godfather II) and the greatest mobster TV series as a series regular (as Uncle Junior on the Sopranos). Richard Bright also appeared in both the Godfather series and the Sopranos TV series, although he is not a regular cast member of the sopranos.
  • He joins Les Paul and Woody Allen as famous celebs who have regular music gigs in New York. Chianese's set includes mostly Italian favorites you might hear on the Sopranos. Dominic has a great voice, and incidentally helped one of his bandmates get a guest spot on the show this year at as well-wisher to an ailing Tony Soprano. Chianese's spot used to be the West Bank but he's been looking at other venues lately.

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