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Cesar Romero
Birthday: February 15, 1907

Birth Place: New York, New York, USA
Height: 6' 2"

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Cesar Romero. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@actorsofhollywood.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



Tall, suave and sophisticated Cesar Romero actually had two claims to fame in Hollywood. To one generation he was the distinguished "Latin lover" of numerous musicals and romantic comedies, and was known as the rogue bandit "The Cisco Kid" in a string of low-budget westerns. However, to a younger generation weaned on television, Romero was better known as the white-faced, green-haired, cackling villain "The Joker" of the camp 1960s TV series _"Batman" (1966/II)_ , and then as a bumbling corporate villain in a spate of Walt Disney comedies, chasing such stars as a young Kurt Russell in the fun-packed The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969). Fans and critics alike agreed that Romero was a major talent who proved himself an enduring and versatile star in an overwhelming variety of roles in a career as an actor, dancer and comedian that lasted nearly 60 years.Cesar Romero was born of Cuban parents in New York City in February 1907. He attended Collegiate & Riverdale County Schools before gaining employment as a ballroom dancer. He first appeared on Broadway in the 1927 production of "Lady Do", and then in the stage production of "Strictly Dishonorable". His first film role was in The Shadow Laughs (1933), after which he gave strong performances in The Devil Is a Woman (1935) and in the Shirley Temple favorite Wee Willie Winkie (1937).Critics and fans generally agree that Romero's best performance was as the Spanish explorer Cortez in Captain from Castile (1947). However, he also shone in the delightful Julia Misbehaves (1948) and several other breezy and light-hearted escapades. In 1953 he starred in the 39-part espionage TV serial "Passport to Danger" (1954), which earned him a considerable income due to a canny profit-sharing arrangement. Although Romero became quite wealthy and had no need to work, he could not stay away from being in front of the cameras. He continued to appear in a broad variety of film roles, but surprised everyone in Hollywood by taking on the role of "The Joker" in the hugely successful TV series _"Batman" (1966/II)_ . He refused to shave his trademark mustache for the role, and close observation shows how the white clown makeup went straight on over his much loved mustache! The appearances in "Batman" were actually only a small part of the enormous amount of work that Romero contributed to television. He had guest-starred in dozens of shows, including "Rawhide" (1959), _"77 Sunset Strip" (1958/I)_ , "Zorro" (1957), "Fantasy Island" (1978) and "Murder, She Wrote" (1984). However, it was "The Joker" for which his TV work was best remembered, and Romero often remarked that for many, many years after "Batman" finished, fans would stop him and ask him to chuckle and giggle away just like he did as "The Joker". Romero always obliged, and both he and the fans just loved it!With a new appeal to a younger fan base, Romero turned up in three highly popular Disney comedies: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969), Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1972) and The Strongest Man in the World (1975) as corrupt but inept villain "A.J. Arno". Throughout the remainder of the 1980s Romero remained busy, and even at 78 years of age the ladies still loved his charm, and he was cast as Jane Wyman's love interest in the top-rated prime-time soap opera "Falcon Crest" (1981), playing Peter Stavros from 1985 to 1987.Although Romero stopped acting in 1990, he remained busy, regularly hosting classic movie programs on cable television. A talented and much loved Hollywood icon, he passed away on New Year's Day 1994, at the age of 86.

Movie Credits
The Right Way (1993)
Simple Justice (1990)
[ John Spencer ]
Mortuary Academy (1988)
[ Christopher Atkins ][ Tracey Walter ][ James Daughton ]
Judgement Day (1988)
Paint Me a Murder (1985)
Arrivederci, Baby (1985)
[ Russell Todd ]
Power Play (1985)
Overture (1985)
Lust in the Dust (1985)
[ Noah Wyle ][ Geoffrey Lewis ][ Courtney Gains ][ Tab Hunter ]
Flesh and Bullets (1985)
[ Aldo Ray ]
The Tallowed Image/Room and Bard (1983)
Loving Strangers/Something Borrowed, Something Blue... (1981)
Pentagram/The Casting Director (1979)
[ Abe Vigoda ]
Don't Push, I'll Charge When I'm Ready (1977)
Mission to Glory: A True Story (1977)
[ Ricardo Montalban ][ Keenan Wynn ][ Aldo Ray ][ Richard Egan ]
Carioca tigre (1976)
Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1975)
[ Ed Begley Jr. ]
Timber Tramps (1975)
[ Joseph Cotten ][ Tab Hunter ][ Claude Akins ]
The Strongest Man in the World (1975)
[ Kurt Russell ][ Harold Gould ][ Dick Van Patten ][ Art Metrano ]
The Spectre of Edgar Allan Poe (1974)
The Haunted Mouth (1974)
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes: Part 2 (1972)
[ Frank Welker ][ Ed Begley Jr. ]
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes: Part 1 (1972)
[ Frank Welker ]
The McCreedy Bust: Going, Going, Gone (1972)
[ Pete Duel ]
The Proud and the Damned (1972)
[ Chuck Connors ][ Aron Kincaid ]
Now You See Him, Now You Don't (1972)
[ Kurt Russell ][ Frank Welker ][ Ed Begley Jr. ][ John Aniston ]
The McCreedy Bust (1971)
A Hunch in Time (1971)
The Last Generation (1971)
The Red, White, and Black (1970)
[ John Nettles ][ Robert Dix ]
Bunny Hug (1970)
The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969)
[ Kurt Russell ][ Frank Welker ][ Ed Begley Jr. ]
Ido zero daisakusen (1969)
[ Joseph Cotten ]
Midas Run (1969)
[ Fred Astaire ][ Roddy McDowall ][ Richard Crenna ]
Target: Harry (1969)
[ Vic Morrow ]
A Talent for Loving (1969)
[ Richard Widmark ][ Topol ]
Crooks and Coronets (1969)
[ Telly Savalas ][ Warren Oates ]
Skidoo (1968)
[ Mickey Rooney ][ Groucho Marx ][ Richard Kiel ][ Burgess Meredith ][ Jackie Gleason ]
Hot Millions (1968)
[ Peter Ustinov ][ Karl Malden ][ Bob Newhart ]
Millón de Madigan, El (1968)
[ Dustin Hoffman ]
The Joke's on Catwoman (1968)
Bitter Mission (1967)
The Funny Feline Felonies (1967)
Surf's Up! Joker's Under! (1967)
[ Adam West ]
Flop Goes the Joker (1967)
Gabriel (1966)
Batman (1966)
[ Adam West ][ Burgess Meredith ]
Marriage on the Rocks (1965)
[ Dean Martin ][ DeForest Kelley ]
Sergeant Dead Head (1965)
[ Buster Keaton ]
The Mission: Part 2 (1965)
The Mission: Part 1 (1965)
Two on a Guillotine (1965)
[ Richard Kiel ]
Who Killed Davidian Jonas? (1964)
Who Killed Don Pablo? (1964)
[ John Cassavetes ]
Who Killed Snooky Martinelli? (1964)
[ Carl Reiner ]
A House Is Not a Home (1964)
[ Robert Taylor ]
Incident at Rio Doloroso (1963)
5: Part 1 (1963)
[ William Shatner ][ Burgess Meredith ][ Telly Savalas ][ Peter Lorre ][ Brian Keith ]
Donovan's Reef (1963)
[ John Wayne ][ Lee Marvin ][ Jack Lord ][ John Ford ][ Jack Warden ]
Valle de las espadas, El (1963)
Saint Mike (1963)
Who Killed Billy Jo? (1963)
5: Part 4 (1963)
[ William Shatner ][ Burgess Meredith ][ Telly Savalas ][ Peter Lorre ][ Brian Keith ]
5: Part 3 (1963)
[ William Shatner ][ Burgess Meredith ][ Telly Savalas ][ Peter Lorre ][ Brian Keith ]
5: Part 2 (1963)
[ William Shatner ][ Burgess Meredith ][ Telly Savalas ][ Peter Lorre ][ Brian Keith ]
The Child Woman (1962)
Terry Moore vs. Cesar Romero (1962)
If a Man Answers (1962)
[ Bobby Darin ]
Flight to Freedom (1962)
We Shall Return (1962)
The Seven Women from Hell (1961)
A Time to Run (1960)
The Reckoning (1960)
Pepe (1960)
[ Jack Lemmon ][ Tony Curtis ][ Dean Martin ][ Sammy Davis Jr. ][ Bobby Darin ]
Ocean's Eleven (1960)
[ Dean Martin ][ Billy Wilder ][ Sammy Davis Jr. ][ Norman Fell ]
Tornado Is Missing (1959)
The Gay Caballero (1959)
Incident of the Stalking Death (1959)
Mis secretarias privadas (1959)
Zorro Versus Cupid (1959)
Villa!! (1958)
[ Brian Keith ]
The Luke O'Malley Story (1958)
Threat of Violence (1958)
The Story of Mankind (1957)
[ Dennis Hopper ][ Vincent Price ][ Groucho Marx ][ Peter Lorre ]
Saturday Spectacular: Manhattan Tower (1956)
Around the World in Eighty Days (1956)
[ David Niven ][ Buster Keaton ][ Peter Lorre ][ John Gielgud ][ John Mills ]
The Leather Saint (1956)
[ John Derek ]
The Racers (1955)
[ Kirk Douglas ][ Lee J. Cobb ]
The Americano (1955)
[ Glenn Ford ]
Rome (1955)
Vera Cruz (1954)
[ Charles Bronson ][ Burt Lancaster ][ Ernest Borgnine ][ Gary Cooper ][ Jack Elam ]
The Long Goodbye (1954)
Prisoners of the Casbah (1953)
Street of Shadows (1953)
Corazón y la espada, El (1953)
All's Fair in Love (1953)
Lady in the Fog (1952)
Tango (1952)
The Jungle (1952)
FBI Girl (1951)
[ Raymond Burr ]
Lost Continent (1951)
Happy Go Lovely (1951)
[ David Niven ]
Once a Thief (1950)
[ Lon Chaney Jr. ]
Love That Brute (1950)
[ Jack Elam ][ Keenan Wynn ]
The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend (1949)
[ Harry Morgan ]
That Lady in Ermine (1948)
Julia Misbehaves (1948)
Deep Waters (1948)
[ Dean Stockwell ][ Dana Andrews ]
Carnival in Costa Rica (1947)
Captain from Castile (1947)
[ Tyrone Power ][ Lee J. Cobb ]
Wintertime (1943)
Coney Island (1943)
Springtime in the Rockies (1942)
[ Jackie Gleason ]
Orchestra Wives (1942)
[ Harry Morgan ][ Jackie Gleason ]
Tales of Manhattan (1942)
[ Henry Fonda ][ George Sanders ][ Charles Laughton ]
A Gentleman at Heart (1942)
Week-End in Havana (1941)
Dance Hall (1941)
The Great American Broadcast (1941)
Ride on Vaquero (1941)
Tall, Dark and Handsome (1941)
He Married His Wife (1940)
[ Joel McCrea ]
Romance of the Rio Grande (1940)
The Gay Caballero (1940)
Lucky Cisco Kid (1940)
[ Dana Andrews ]
Viva Cisco Kid (1940)
The Cisco Kid and the Lady (1939)
[ Ward Bond ]
Charlie Chan at Treasure Island (1939)
Frontier Marshal (1939)
[ Randolph Scott ][ Ward Bond ][ Lon Chaney Jr. ]
Return of the Cisco Kid (1939)
[ Ward Bond ]
The Little Princess (1939)
Wife, Husband and Friend (1939)
Five of a Kind (1938)
My Lucky Star (1938)
[ Buddy Ebsen ]
Always Goodbye (1938)
Happy Landing (1938)
[ Don Ameche ][ Lon Chaney Jr. ]
Dangerously Yours (1937)
Wee Willie Winkie (1937)
[ Jack Lord ][ John Ford ]
Armored Car (1937)
She's Dangerous (1937)
[ Walter Brennan ]
Public Enemy's Wife (1936)
Nobody's Fool (1936)
Love Before Breakfast (1936)
Fifteen Maiden Lane (1936)
Show Them No Mercy! (1935)
Rendezvous (1935)
[ Mickey Rooney ][ William Powell ]
Metropolitan (1935)
[ Walter Brennan ]
Diamond Jim (1935)
Hold 'Em Yale (1935)
[ William Frawley ][ Lon Chaney Jr. ]
Cardinal Richelieu (1935)
The Devil Is a Woman (1935)
[ Joel McCrea ]
The Good Fairy (1935)
Clive of India (1935)
[ Don Ameche ]
Strange Wives (1935)
Cheating Cheaters (1934)
[ Walter Brennan ]
British Agent (1934)
The Thin Man (1934)
[ William Powell ]
The Shadow Laughs (1933)
Geneva (0)
Paris (0)


  • TV writer Mark Evanier remarked that Romero was usually easily available to cast for TV show guest appearances. Apparently, Evanier knew at least one crew member on a TV show who prepared roles with Romero in mind as a default choice in the likely event that a preferred guest star would pull out of a guest appearance.
  • Refused to shave off his moustache when he played the role of The Joker in _"Batman" (1966/II)_ . Close observation shows how the white clown make- up was applied right over his much loved moustache.
  • Believed in "liberation theology," a political system of Marxism-Christianity, which purports that, despite the fact that Karl Marx called religion "the opiate of the masses," religion and communism are still compatible. Romero was very Christian yet still believed in a utopian society (believing that Christ's kingdom would be very similiar to Marx's envisionment of communism) and clung to this belief until his death.
  • Towards the end of his life, he was interviewed by author Boze Hadleigh, and gave a revealing, often comic account of what life was like in the Golden Age of Hollywood for a openly closeted gay man (i.e., out to everyone but "the public"). The interview is included in Hadleigh's book, "Hollywood Gays."
  • A second-generation American of primarily Cuban ancestry, his maternal grandfather was the Cuban poet-patriot Jose Marti.
  • Has never worked with George Clooney, but Clooney has nevertheless played the title character from two of his movies. Romero played the Joker in Batman, and Clooney played Batman in Batman & Robin. Romero also appeared in the original Ocean's Eleven. The remake starred Clooney.
  • He believed that to live well you must dress well. And never in the same outfit. His closets held 30 tuxedos, 200 sports jackets, and 500 suits.

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