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Brendan Sexton III
Birthday: February 21, 1980

Birth Place: Staten Island, New York, USA
Height: 5' 6"

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Since his 1995 debut as Heather Matarazzo's would-be rapist in Welcome to the Dollhouse, Brendan Sexton III has become a fixture on the independent film circuit. Often playing troubled and/or alienated young men, he has steadily established himself as one of the more compelling, hard-edged actors of his generation.Nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance for his work in Dollhouse (the award ultimately went to his co-star, Matarazzo), the Staten Island native immediately began to attract notice in the indie film arena. Following a small role as another troubled boy in that same year's Empire Records, he went on to appear in a number of independent features, including 1997's Arresting Gena and A, B, C . . . Manhattan. In 1998, John Waters cast him as the shoplifting friend of Pecker's titular hero; that same year, Sexton led a cast of up-and-comers (including Christina Ricci, Kate Hudson and Casey Affleck) in Morgan J. Freeman's Desert Blue, playing one of the denizens of a small desert town. He collaborated with director Freeman again that year in Hurricane Streets, starring as the film's delinquent streetwise protagonist who tries to mend his ways. In 1999, Sexton had a major role in Boys Don't Cry, the story of Brandon Teena, a woman whose decision to lead her life as a man met with brutal consequences. The film premiered at the New York Film Festival in October of that year.

Movie Credits
Footsteps (2007)
Neal Cassady (2007)
[ Tate Donovan ][ Spencer Fox ][ Josh Hamilton ][ Chris Bauer ][ Josh Pais ]
The Marconi Bros. (2006)
[ Jon Polito ]
Little Fugitive (2006)
[ Peter Dinklage ]
Just Like the Son (2006)
[ Mark Webber ]
The Secret (2006)
[ David Duchovny ][ Luc Besson ][ Steven Crowder ]
Hide and Seek (2005)
[ Robert De Niro ][ Dylan Baker ][ Robert John Burke ]
Love, Ludlow (2005)
[ David Eigenberg ]
This Revolution (2005)
[ Rosario Dawson ]
Winter Solstice (2004)
[ Ron Livingston ][ Anthony Lapaglia ][ Aaron Stanford ][ Mark Webber ][ Matt Long ]
The Finkel Files (2003)
Black Hawk Down (2001)
[ Orlando Bloom ][ Ewan McGregor ][ Josh Hartnett ][ Jason Isaacs ][ Eric Bana ]
Session 9 (2001)
[ Josh Lucas ][ David Caruso ][ Paul Guilfoyle ]
Herschel Hopper: New York Rabbit (2000)
[ Brad Renfro ][ Jason Priestley ][ Sean Patrick Thomas ]
Muse 6 (2000)
Boys Don't Cry (1999)
[ Peter Sarsgaard ]
Desert Blue (1998)
[ Casey Affleck ][ Liev Schreiber ][ Peter Sarsgaard ][ Ethan Suplee ][ Michael Ironside ]
Pecker (1998)
[ Edward Furlong ][ John Waters ]
Spark (1998)
[ Terrence Howard ][ Dewey Weber ]
Myth America (1998)
[ Eric Mabius ][ Justin Pierce ]
A, B, C... Manhattan (1997)
[ Jon Abrahams ][ Ezra Buzzington ]
Hurricane (1997)
[ Adrian Grenier ][ David Moscow ]
Arresting Gena (1997)
[ Sam Rockwell ][ Paul Giamatti ][ Adrian Grenier ][ Kirk Acevedo ]
The Devil & the Angel (1997)
[ Michael Rosenbaum ]
Boom (1996)
Empire Records (1995)
[ Tobey Maguire ][ Ethan Embry ][ Rory Cochrane ][ Anthony Lapaglia ][ Maxwell Caulfield ]
Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)
[ Eric Mabius ][ Todd Solondz ][ Ken Leung ]


  • Has two brothers: Eben and David; and six sisters: Tara, Amber, Ilona, Carinna, Oona, and Zoë.
  • Bears a remarkable resemblance to James Skelly, lead singer of British band the Coral.
  • Manages a Hip-Hop group in New York.

Naked Photos of Brendan Sexton III are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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