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Bill Murray
Birthday: September 21, 1950

Birth Place: Wilmette, Illinois, USA
Height: 6' 1"

Below is a complete filmography (list of movies he's appeared in) for Bill Murray. If you have any corrections or additions, please email us at corrections@actorsofhollywood.com. We'd also be interested in any trivia or other information you have.



Of the many performers to leap into films from the springboard of the television sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live, Bill Murray has been among the most successful and unpredictable, forging an idiosyncratic career allowing him to stretch from low-brow slapstick farce to intelligent adult drama. Born in Wilmette, IL, on September 21, 1950, Murray was an incorrigible child, kicked out of both the Boy Scouts and Little League. At the age of 20, he was also arrested for attempting to smuggle close to nine pounds of marijuana through nearby O'Hare Airport. In an attempt to find direction in his life, he joined his older brother, Brian Doyle-Murray, in the cast of Chicago's Second City improvisational comedy troupe. He later relocated to New York City, joining radio's National Lampoon Hour. Both Murray siblings were also in a 1975 off-Broadway spin-off, also dubbed The National Lampoon Hour; there Murray was spotted by sportscaster Howard Cosell, who recruited him for the cast of his ABC variety program, titled Saturday Night Live With Howard Cosell. On the NBC network, a program also named Saturday Night Live was creating a much bigger sensation; when, after one season, the show's breakout star Chevy Chase exited to pursue a film career, producer Lorne Michaels tapped Murray as his replacement. Murray too became a celebrity, developing a fabulously insincere and sleazy comic persona which was put to good use in his first major film, the 1979 hit Meatballs. He next starred as the famed gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson in the film biography Where the Buffalo Roam, a major disaster. However, 1980's Caddyshack was a masterpiece of slob comedy, with Murray memorable as a maniacal rangeboy hunting the gopher that is slowly destroying his golf course. The film launched him to the ranks of major stardom; the follow-up, the armed services farce Stripes, was an even bigger blockbuster, earning over 40 million dollars at the box office. Murray next appeared, unbilled, in 1982's Tootsie before starring with Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis in 1984's Ghostbusters. The supernatural comedy was one of the decade's biggest hits, earning over 130 million dollars and spawning a cartoon series, action figures, and even a chart-topping theme song (performed by Ray Parker Jr.). Murray now ranked among the world's most popular actors, and he next fulfilled a long-standing dream by starring in and co-writing an adaptation of the W. Somerset Maugham novel The Razor's Edge. Few fans knew what to make of his abrupt turn from broad farce to literary drama, however, and as a result the film flopped. Murray spent the next several years in self-imposed exile, making only a cameo appearance in the 1986 musical comedy Little Shop of Horrors. After much deliberation, he finally selected his comeback vehicle — 1988's Scrooged, a black comic retelling of Dickens' A Christmas Carol. While it performed moderately well, it was not the smash many predicted. Nor was 1989's Ghostbusters II, which grossed less than half of the first picture. The 1990 crime comedy Quick Change, which Murray co-directed with Howard Franklin, was also a disappointment, but 1991's What About Bob? was an unqualified hit. In 1993, Murray earned his strongest notices to date for Groundhog Day, a sublime comedy directed by longtime conspirator Ramis. Beginning with 1994's acclaimed Ed Wood, in which he appeared as a transsexual, Murray's career choices grew increasingly eccentric; in 1996 alone, he starred in the little-seen Larger Than Life as a motivational speaker, co-starred as a bowling champion in Kingpin, and appeared as himself in the family film Space Jam. In 1998, Murray took on a similarly eccentric role in Wes Anderson's Rushmore. Playing a business tycoon competing with an equally eccentric 15-year-old (Jason Schwartzman) for the affections of a first grade teacher (Olivia Williams), Murray did some of his best work in years and won the Best Supporting Actor award from the New York Film Critics Circle. The film's success helped to put the actor back in the forefront, and he drew further exposure that year from his appearance as a sleazy lawyer in the relentlessly trashy Wild Things. The following year, he could be seen in Cradle Will Rock, Tim Robbins' look at the often contentious relationship between art and politics in 1930s America.Though the mere thought of Murray as Polonius in a film adaptation of William Shakespeare's Hamlet may have elicited dumbounded looks and confused laughter early in his career, that was precisely how the versatile thespian ushered in the new millennium in director Micheal Almereyda's modern updating of the classic drama. Subsequently landing laughs as the superspy point person Bosley in the big screen adaptation of the classic 1970's television hit Charlie's Angels, Murray's interpretation of the character would be taken over by popular comic Bernie Mac in the film's 2003 sequel. After taking a brief voyage into gross-out territory with the Farrelly brother's Osmosis Jones in 2001, a re-teaming with Rushmore director Anderson resulted in a small but memorable supporting performance in the same year's The Royal Tenenbaums. In 2003 Murray essayed the role that would offer what was perhaps his most heartfelt combination of personal drama and touching comedy to date in director Sofia Coppola's acclaimed indie film Lost in Translation. Cast as a washed up American actor who strikes up a tentative friendship with the young wife of a superstar photographer while on a stay in Japan to endorse a popular brand of whiskey, Murray's low-key charm proved the perfect balance to co-star Scarlett Johansson's youthful malaise. Virtually across the board, critics were bowled over by the subtle depth of Murray's performance, leading to Best Actor honors from The New York Film Critics Circle, The Boston Society of Film Critics, The Los Angeles Film Critics Association, The San Francisco Film Critics Circle, The National Society of Film Critics, The Golden Globes, and The Independent Spirit Awards. But the one award that remained elusive to Murray was Oscar. Though nominated, the prize ultimately went to Sean Penn for Mystic River.In 2004, along with providing the voice for a CGI version of Garfield the cat, Murray once again teamed up with director Wes Anderson, starring as as a world-renowned oceanographer in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. While The Life Aquatic was met with mixed reviews, Murray's performance in the 2005 Jim Jarmusch film Broken Flowers netted virtually unanimous acclaim.

Movie Credits
Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (2006)
[ Tim Curry ][ Vinnie Jones ][ Breckin Meyer ][ Billy Connolly ][ Bob Hoskins ]
The Lost City (2005)
[ Dustin Hoffman ][ Andy Garcia ][ Steven Bauer ][ Enrique Murciano ][ Jsu Garcia ]
Broken Flowers (2005)
[ Jim Jarmusch ][ Christopher McDonald ][ Jeffrey Wright ][ Mark Webber ][ Chris Bauer ]
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004)
[ Owen Wilson ][ Willem Dafoe ][ Jeff Goldblum ][ Wes Anderson ][ Michael Gambon ]
Garfield (2004)
[ Alan Cumming ][ Breckin Meyer ][ Brad Garrett ][ Nick Cannon ][ Stephen Tobolowsky ]
Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)
[ Steve Buscemi ][ Alfred Molina ][ Jim Jarmusch ][ Roberto Benigni ][ Iggy Pop ]
Lost in Translation (2003)
[ Giovanni Ribisi ][ Francis Ford Coppola ][ Paul Simon ]
The Royal Tenenbaums (2001)
[ Ben Stiller ][ Owen Wilson ][ Luke Wilson ][ Gene Hackman ][ Alec Baldwin ]
Osmosis Jones (2001)
[ Ron Howard ][ Laurence Fishburne ][ William Shatner ][ Chris Rock ][ David Hyde Pierce ]
Speaking of Sex (2001)
[ James Spader ][ Jay Mohr ][ Phil LaMarr ]
Charlie's Angels (2000)
[ Luke Wilson ][ Matt Leblanc ][ Tim Curry ][ Sam Rockwell ][ Crispin Glover ]
Hamlet (2000)
[ Ethan Hawke ][ Casey Affleck ][ Steve Zahn ][ Liev Schreiber ][ Kyle MacLachlan ]
Scout's Honor (1999)
[ Alec Baldwin ]
Cradle Will Rock (1999)
[ John Cusack ][ Jack Black ][ Tim Robbins ][ Cary Elwes ][ Hank Azaria ]
Rushmore (1998)
[ Owen Wilson ][ Luke Wilson ][ Brian Cox ][ Jason Schwartzman ][ Wes Anderson ]
With Friends Like These... (1998)
[ Michael McKean ][ David Strathairn ][ Garry Marshall ][ Jon Tenney ][ Adam Arkin ]
Wild Things (1998)
[ Kevin Bacon ][ Matt Dillon ][ Robert Wagner ][ Iggy Pop ]
The Man Who Knew Too Little (1997)
[ Alfred Molina ][ Peter Gallagher ][ Maxwell Caulfield ][ Dexter Fletcher ][ Eddie Marsan ]
Larger Than Life (1996)
[ Matthew McConaughey ][ Jeremy Piven ][ Pat Hingle ][ Tracey Walter ]
Kingpin (1996)
[ Woody Harrelson ][ Randy Quaid ][ Chris Elliott ][ Willie Garson ][ Richard Tyson ]
Ed Wood (1994)
[ Johnny Depp ][ Tim Burton ][ Vincent D'Onofrio ][ Jeffrey Jones ][ Martin Landau ]
Mad Dog and Glory (1993)
[ Robert De Niro ][ David Caruso ][ Richard Belzer ][ Mike Starr ]
Groundhog Day (1993)
[ Chris Elliott ][ Brian Doyle-Murray ][ Stephen Tobolowsky ][ Willie Garson ][ Ray Charles ]
Episode #18.14 (1993)
What About Bob? (1991)
[ Richard Dreyfuss ][ Charlie Korsmo ]
Quick Change (1990)
[ Randy Quaid ][ Tony Shalhoub ][ Phil Hartman ][ Stanley Tucci ][ Kurtwood Smith ]
Ghostbusters II (1989)
[ Dan Aykroyd ][ Rick Moranis ][ Cheech Marin ][ Peter MacNicol ][ Philip Baker Hall ]
Scrooged (1988)
[ Danny Elfman ][ Robert Mitchum ][ Bob Goldthwait ][ Richard Donner ][ John Glover ]
Episode #12.14 (1987)
Little Shop of Horrors (1986)
[ Steve Martin ][ Christopher Guest ][ John Candy ][ James Belushi ][ Rick Moranis ]
The Razor's Edge (1984)
[ Brian Doyle-Murray ][ Denholm Elliott ][ Stephen Davies ]
Nothing Lasts Forever (1984)
[ Dan Aykroyd ][ Lawrence Tierney ][ Leslie Howard ][ Erick Avari ]
Ghost Busters (1984)
[ Dan Aykroyd ][ Rick Moranis ][ Ernie Hudson ][ William Atherton ][ Reginald VelJohnson ]
Tootsie (1982)
[ Dustin Hoffman ][ Sydney Pollack ][ Charles Durning ][ Dabney Coleman ][ George Gaynes ]
Episode #7.8 (1981)
Episode #6.12 (1981)
Stripes (1981)
[ Bill Paxton ][ John Candy ][ Judge Reinhold ][ John Larroquette ][ Ivan Reitman ]
Loose Shoes (1980)
[ Harry Shearer ][ Sid Haig ][ Lewis Arquette ][ Howard Hesseman ]
Caddyshack (1980)
[ Chevy Chase ][ Rodney Dangerfield ][ Brian Doyle-Murray ][ Ted Knight ]
Chaînon manquant, Le (1980)
[ Christopher Guest ]
Where the Buffalo Roam (1980)
[ Craig T Nelson ][ Craig T. Nelson ][ Peter Boyle ][ Rene Auberjonois ][ Bruno Kirby ]
Mr. Mike's Mondo Video (1979)
[ Dan Aykroyd ]
Meatballs (1979)
[ Matt Craven ]
The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash (1978)
[ Dan Aykroyd ][ John Belushi ][ Eric Idle ]
Next Stop, Greenwich Village (1976)
[ Christopher Walken ][ Jeff Goldblum ][ Vincent Schiavelli ][ Stuart Pankin ]
Tarzoon, la honte de la jungle (1975)
[ John Belushi ][ Brian Doyle-Murray ]


  • Broke Robert DeNiro's nose during the filming of _Mad Dog and Glory (1993)_ .
  • Ranked #82 in Empire (UK) magazine's "The Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time" list. [October 1997]
  • 1997 Recipient of the Sons of the Desert Annual Comedy Performer Award on April 19th, 1997.
  • Brother of John Murray, Joel Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray.
  • Appeared in Scrooged (1988) with all three of his brothers.
  • Father, with Mickey Kelly, of sons Homer (b. 1982) and Luke (b. 1985).
  • Father, with Jennifer Butler, of sons Jackson (b. 1993), Cal (b. 1995) and Cooper (b. 1996) and Lincoln (b. 2001).
  • He owns a minor league baseball team in Charleston, SC called the Riverdogs.
  • Related through marriage to guitar player, lyricist and singer Chris Luxem.
  • Set to become part-owner of his third minor league baseball team, the new Brockton Rox, in Mass., with friend Van Schley.
  • Has become the unofficial patron saint of the forums of the Football Manager website, home to one of the biggest selling PC games of all time.
  • He is part of The Goldklang Group that includes Van Schley, baseball marketing guru Mike Veeck, and "Saturday Night Live" (1975) comedian Jimmy Fallon. The group owns minor league baseball teams the St. Paul Saints and the Brockton Rox of the Northern League, the Charleston RiverDogs, the Fort Myers Miracle, the Hudson Valley Renegades, the Evansville Otters and they run the Portland Beavers.
  • Was bitten by the groundhog twice on the Groundhog Day (1993) set in 1992.
  • He is a diehard Chicago Cubs fan. During the Cubs playoff run in 2003, he was on location in Italy, but he had it written into his contract that he'd get a satellite feed of the playoffs.
  • His role in Ghost Busters (1984) was originally intended for fellow SNL star John Belushi.
  • Shares two characters with the late Lorenzo Music. He played Peter Venkman in the film Ghost Busters (1984), while Lorenzo played Venkman in the animated series, "The Real Ghost Busters" (1986). Lorenzo was also the voice of Garfield in numerous cartoons, while Bill provides Garfield's voice in Garfield (2004).
  • He was rated number 1 in Comedy Central's newest show 'Mouthing Off: 51 Greatest Smartasses'.
  • His home is in upstate New York, although he is more frequently working elsewhere during the year.
  • Performed the vocals for the song "The Best Thing" in the John Waters film Polyester (1981).
  • His father Edward was a lumber salesman. He died in 1967.
  • Siblings include Brian Doyle-Murray, Nancy, Edward, Andy, John Murray, Joel Murray, Peggy, and Laura.
  • Attended Loyola Academy in Wilmette, Illinois.
  • Attended Regis College in Denver. He dropped out his sophomore year.
  • His mother died in 1988.
  • Doesn't have a publicist.
  • His sister Nancy is a Dominican nun.
  • In 2001, he starred with Sigourney Weaver in an Off-Off-Broadway play called "The Guys," in which he played a fire captain who lost eight of his men on 9/11. In the movie version, Murray's role was played by Anthony LaPaglia.
  • Is an avid golfer and has appeared at many pro-am golf tournaments.
  • Co-owner, with brothers Brian, Joel and John, of the Murray Brothers Caddyshack restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida. (actually, in St. Augustine, Florida inside the 'World Golf Village' complex.)
  • He often works with the directors Harold Ramis, Ivan Reitman, Wes Anderson, and Jim Jarmusch.
  • Sofia Coppola wrote the lead role of Bob Harris in Lost in Translation (2003), with Murray specifically in mind. She did not know the actor and even enlisted the help of her famous father, Francis Ford Coppola, to track down the sometimes quite elusive Murray. Once he finally read the script, though, he agreed to do it on the spot. Murray and Sofia Coppola are now good friends.
  • He has rubbed some collaborators the wrong way because he has a tendency to re-write and improvise his way through scripts until many of his scenes barely resembles the original versions. Most collaborators ultimately find, though, it's to the improvement of the films.
  • Is a fan of the Illini men's basketball team.
  • Captivated by the story of "Press Your Luck" (1983) contestant Michael Larson who memorized the sequence of the game show's big board and racked up over 0,000 in winnings, Murray commissioned a screenplay for a biopic about Larson. Several studios expressed an interest but didn't follow through. The Game Show Network's 2003 TV documentary Big Bucks: The Press Your Luck Scandal (2003) (TV) told the same story with interviews, dramatic recreations and archival video, and may have diminished interest in the film even more.
  • The part of Boon in National Lampoon's Animal House (1978) was originally written with him in mind, but due to a scheduling conflict, he had to turn it down.
  • Announced that after his next three productions, he will be taking a break from acting to relax. He cites the productions of The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) and Broken Flowers (2005) as having exhausted him. [2005]
  • Has said that "Oklahoma!" is his favorite musical.
  • Has no agent, no business manager, no lawyer, or favorite hair and make-up artist. He travels without an entourage.
  • He was considered for the role of Detective John Kimble in Kindergarten Cop (1990). The part eventually went to Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • With The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004) and Broken Flowers (2005), Murray did two films back-to-back in which he plays a long-childless man who discovers that someone who may be his grown son has been searching for him.
  • His performance as Phil Connors in Groundhog Day (1993) is ranked #48 on Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Performances of All Time (2006).
  • Was considered for the role of Batman/Bruce Wayne in the 1989 Batman (1989) film when it was set to be identical to the 1960's T.V. Series before Tim Burton came along.
  • Was considered for the role of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005).
  • His performance as Carl Spackler in Caddyshack (1980) is ranked #18 on Premiere Magazine's 100 Greatest Movie Characters of All Time.

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