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Sally Kirkland
Mary Woronov
Brigid Polk
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Andy Warhol
Birthday: August 6, 1928

Birth Place: Forest City, Pennsylvania, USA
Height: 0' 0"

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American pop artist Andy Warhol became a pop icon himself, symbolizing the wild decadence of the "beautiful people" of the 1970s. Born Andrew Warhola in Pennsylvania, he studied at the Carnegie Institute of Technology before designing advertisements for women's shoes. After gaining notoriety for his pop-art renditions of things such as Campbell's Soup cans and silk screens of Marilyn Monroe, Warhol began making experimental films during the early '60s. Most of his early works were little more than passive chronicles of the ordinary. For example, in the film Sleep, he simple recorded a man sleeping for several hours. Such endeavors were heralded as groundbreaking by other experimental filmmakers, but the public and most critics generally regarded them as wastes of film, and their time. Still, Warhol continued making these plotless films until he eventually began adding crude soundtracks and sketchy scripts. Many of these films are filled with his "players": the beautiful people, "freaks," and wealthy dilettantes that constantly surrounded the artist and his "Factory," an art studio he founded in 1962. His films became a form of cin

Movie Credits
Cars: Heartbeat City (1984)
L'Amour (1973)
Blue Movie (1969)
Lonesome Cowboys (1969)
[ Joe Dallesandro ][ Tom Hompertz ]
The Loves of Ondine (1968)
[ Joe Dallesandro ]
San Diego Surf (1968)
[ Joe Dallesandro ][ Tom Hompertz ]
**** (1967)
[ Joe Dallesandro ]
Imitation of Christ (1967)
The Nude Restaurant (1967)
Bike Boy (1967)
I, a Man (1967)
The Andy Warhol Story (1967)
Tiger Morse (1967)
Tub Girls (1967)
The Beard (1966)
More Milk, Evette (1966)
Outer and Inner Space (1966)
The Velvet Underground and Nico (1966)
Ari and Mario (1966)
Chelsea Girls (1966)
Hedy (1966)
Kiss the Boot (1966)
Lupe (1966)
Milk (1966)
Salvador Dalí (1966)
Screen Test #3 (1966)
Screen Test #4 (1966)
Shower (1966)
Sunset (1966)
The Closet (1966)
Superboy (1966)
Screen Test (1965)
Screen Test #2 (1965)
Screen Test #1 (1965)
Beauty #2 (1965)
Bitch (1965)
Camp (1965)
Harlot (1965)
Horse (1965)
Kitchen (1965)
The Life of Juanita Castro (1965)
My Hustler (1965)
Poor Little Rich Girl (1965)
Restaurant (1965)
Space (1965)
Taylor Mead's Ass (1965)
Vinyl (1965)
The 13 Most Beautiful Women (1964)
Batman Dracula (1964)
Clockwork (1964)
Couch (1964)
[ Allen Ginsberg ]
Drunk (1964)
Empire (1964)
The End of Dawn (1964)
Lips (1964)
Mario Banana I (1964)
Mario Banana II (1964)
Messy Lives (1964)
Naomi and Rufus Kiss (1964)
Tarzan and Jane Regained... Sort of (1964)
[ Dennis Hopper ]
The Thirteen Most Beautiful Boys (1964)
Whips and Women (1964)
Eat (1963)
Haircut (1963)
Kiss (1963)
Naomi's Birthday Party (1963)
Sleep (1963)
Blow Job (1963)


  • 1984 Andy Warhol and Don Monroe directed music video "Hello Again" for The Cars. Andy also appeared in the music video playing The Bartender
  • Interred at St. John the Baptist Catholic Cemetery, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • In 1990, Lou Reed and John Cale made a CD album called "Songs for Drella" as a tribute to Warhol with 15 songs about Warhol's life.
  • Pictured on a USA 37¢ commemorative postage stamp issued 9 August 2002.
  • "Produced" The Velvet Underground's first album, essentially lending his name to their work and observing them in the recording studio, while Lou Reed and later Tom Wilson (who'd worked earlier with Bob Dylan) mostly called the shots. The cover of their first album (with Nico) was Warhol's design; a picture of a banana, whose peel was actually a peelable sticker!
  • Is credited with coining the term "superstar."
  • Has been portrayed on screen by over a dozen actors, including David Bowie, Crispin Glover, and Jared Harris.
  • When guesting on The Love Boat in 1983, he was nervous about the experience and turned to his castmate (and muse for the particular episode) Marion Ross, who calmed him down and offered some advice on how to act.
  • Is portrayed by Sean Gregory Sullivan in 54 (1998),
  • Was a frequent guest at the infamous "Studio 54"
  • Avoided the subject of death, except in his paintings (the Disaster series). He did not attend the funerals of his superstars nor did he attend his mother's funeral when she died in November 1972. After she passed away he continued to give the impression that she was still alive to people who would ask about her. Warhol did not mention his mother's death to any of his close friends. As late as 1976, when friends asked about his mother, Andy said, 'Oh, she's great. But she doesn't get out of bed much."
  • His father, who traveled much on business trips, died when Warhol was 13.
  • Son of Czech immigrants, his original name was "Warhola"
  • Warhol's "A: A Novel," published in 1968, is based on 24 hours of tape recordings (24 one-hour tapes) of Ondine speaking. His tape-recorded musings were transcribed and typed up and serve as the basis of the novel, which was disingenuously presented as one day in the life of Ondine. The book is one of the premier artifacts of the Pop art movement/Pop culture. Warhol followed Ondine around New York City with a tape recorder, recording their conversations. Ondine was addicted to amphetamines and was prone to wild verbal flights that covered many subjects. To type up the tapes, Warhol hired teenage girls, some of whom were barely literate and made many errors. Warhol "edited" the resulting manuscript during a series of concerts given by the Velvet Underground (Lou Reed is one of the "characters" in the novel), sitting in the rear of the theater in the dark, reading proof-sheets with a flashlight. Like James Joyce when confronted with transcription errors made by the French printers/compositors of the first edition of 'Ulysses' (1922), Warhol loved the mistakes and decided to keep them in. He thought the mistakes improved the book as it made it worse, more of a Pop manifesto, and insisted that all the errata be left in the final draft, which he fancied as a Pop "Finnegans Wake." In his later book/memoir "Popism," Warhol explained, "I wanted to do a 'bad book' just the way I'd done 'bad movies' and 'bad art,' because when you do something exactly wrong, you always turn up something." Warhol, the author, refused to filter out the "background noise" or "static," thus preventing the reader from following a coherent narrative thread. The book intentionally is boring, as are many of Warhol's films. Of his films Warhold said that talking about them was more interesting than actually viewing them, and this likely was his intent with "A: A Novel" -- to create an artifact that made people talk about it -- and think.
  • Influenced the movement of 'The New Russian Classicism'. Visited St. Petersburg, Russia and presented his 'tomato cans' to Timur Novikov and Sergei Bugayev.
  • Is portrayed by Guy Pearce in Factory Girl (2006)
  • Is portrayed by Clark Render in Ghostlight (2003)

Naked Photos of Andy Warhol are available at MaleStars.com. They currently feature over 65,000 Nude Pics, Biographies, Video Clips, Articles, and Movie Reviews of famous stars.

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